Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica is an awesome experience. The surf here is world-renowned and has been a hotspot for beginners and professionals for over 30 years. Here in Dominical, the swell is one of the most, if not the most consistent in the country.


The dominical beach is one of several spots in the area that offers a variety of surf conditions as well. So as far as surfing goes, Dominical offers excellent prospects to all levels. But there is more… Costa Rica is an amazing experience.

The beaches here extend up to just past the tide line where you have a selection of driftwood and exotic seeds. Then you get to the jungle. Palms and a wild variety of shade trees, all of which are alive with a nonstop bird racket. At any given time there is sheer bedlam in the treetops. Monkeys, Toucans, pelicans.

There are nearby waterfalls that are set in a paradisaic setting, as well as Zip Line Canopy tours and Sea Kayaking. The surfing is great, but there are many more reasons to come to Costa Rica

Jaco Beach Surf

Our goal is to give good national service, tourists come to our country learn to surf with the best instructors in the country will always give everything 100 percent.


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